Honista Apk Download v8.1 Latest Version April 2024


If you are unsatisfied with the limitations and restrictions of the Instagram app, You don’t need to worry about it. Download and install the New Instagram app called “Honista” free of cost on your Android phone and tablet. Honista Apk is free of cost for all users.  

If You want to download Honista Apk click on the “Download Honista” Button.

As we mentioned, This is the latest version v8 of an Instagram app developed by “Honista” for your Android phone and IOS system worldwide who want to use their Instagram apps with additional features and more privacy free of cost. Instagram has some restrictions that make the app boring. With the help of “Honista” users can remove the restrictions as they wish.

The new and latest version of the “Honita” APK helps users of Instagram with full features and additional privacy as mentioned below: 

  1. Downloading Media

You can now easily download all images and videos from the Instagram platform using Different methods.

  1. Downloading Stories

 You can now easily download stories on Instagram with the highest quality.

  1. Zooming Profile Picture

Honsita provides the ability to easily zoom the Instagram user profiles. With these features, you can easily search and zoom the profile of Instagram’s users.

  1. Developer Options in

Honista provides many features in which you can easily fully customize the application.

  1. Copying Bio

Press and Hold for a long period of time you can copy the Bio of Instagram users.

  1. Knowing Who Follows You

You can easily find out if a person follows you from their profile on Instagram.

  1. Copying Comments

With Honita app features press any comment on Instagram to reveal the option to copy the comment.

  1. Content Control

Content displayed in Honista you can Fully and easily control the quality.

  1.  Unlimited Privacy

In Honista APK with Full privacy, you can Show stories without sending seen, you can View messages in conversations without sending that you have shown them to the other party, You can Join the live broadcast without your name appearing in the list of viewers, and the number of viewers does not change either.

  1.  Limited Internet Usage

With the options Honista provides is the ability to reduce the quality of content in the application, leading to reduced internet data consumption.

  1.  Free Download Honista Apk

           Downloading Honista Apk is free and you do not need to pay any fees.

Download Honista 2024 is not available on Android phones because it’s considered a hacked application. So we have the following steps to download Honista APK 2024.

Honista app on your Android phone at the bottom of the page.

  1. Click on the download button and you will see a warning when trying to download the application.
  2. Then skip the word.
  3. Click on the complete process of downloading the HonistaApk.
  4. After completion, download and open the application on your phone.
  5. The application installation will appear for you on your phone.
  6. Click on the install word.
  7. Then the download will start.

After downloading and installing Honista, you will see the main dashboard where you need to create an account and enter this new Honista app with your Instagram app. After login your account you will see the menu mentioned below on your screen.

  • Home
  • Privacy
  • Theme & User Interface
  • App Fonts
  • Discover
  • Fans
  • Add 
  • Account

Choose the option you like from the menu of Honista above and start chatting with your privacy, free fonts, styles, and free emojis. 

Honista APK